AdaPools – premier Global Ada (Cardano) staking pools with a global network using the very best:

100% Uptime (N+1 hardware redundancy)
MaxIO ‘faster than SSD’ technology for ultimate speed (much faster than AWS)
Docker Swarm Clustering for rapid scaling as pools grow
CloudFlare & Dome9 Security
AI monitoring of all servers – 24/7/365
Global Servers:   Singapore / Chicago, USA / Frankfurt, Germany / Amsterdam, Netherlands

The goal is to ensure you receive maximum rewards for your ADA stakes, with minimal stress. We expect to offer multiple pools, so that we can handle whales to minnows and everything in between with a pool sized and prepped to maximize your ADA stake rewards.

More details as the Cardano Shelley Release approaches.

If you are interested in maximizing the rewards for staking your ADA, please enter your email below and we’ll contact you once staking begins (as early as February, 2018).

*Not an official Cardano page.
** Important note – your Ada currency never leaves your wallet when you stake with us.  You are only assigning the ‘blockchain production rights’ of your Ada holdings to the pool and you continue to keep your Ada currency wherever you wish, including offline.  Never send Ada currency to any pool.